Drone for facade and window cleaning

Working drone for facade and window cleaning

Facade and window cleaning with drone

5-10 times faster than traditional cleaning

Important key facts

1000 sqm/hour

Capacity facade cleaning

1500 sqm/hour

Capacity window cleaning

Height 50 meter

When the drone is fully operational

Flytime 24 hour

With battery case with 8 batteries

7 m/sec

Works in maximum winds of 10 m/s. Up to 15 m/s without equipment

Up to 180 bar pressure

Capacity water pressure

AirSense ADS-B

Advanced flight / collision warning system

Self-heating battery

Provides efficient battery use

-20°C to 50°C

Working temperature range

IP 45

Protected against low pressure water jets


KTV Working Drone is the latest commercial drone platform that has taken inspiration from modern aviation systems.

The development of the KTV Working Drone started in 2016, and the drone has been tested and used operationally in the last two years.

In addition to tailor-made and uniquely adapted flushing equipment, the drone has up to 55 minutes of flight time on a single battery, advanced AI features, 6 directional sensors and positioning and more.

This drone has set a whole new standard by combining intelligence with high performance and unsurpassed reliability.

Service & maintenance

The new integrated health management system shows the current status of all systems, alert logs and a preliminary troubleshooting guide. The system also includes the aircraft’s flight logs, duration and mileage throughout the life cycle, and tips on flight maintenance and upkeep.


Redundancy systems

KTV Working Drone’s built-in advanced redundancy systems help you keep your critical assignments going even in unexpected scenarios.

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After the KTV Working Drone was launch, there has been overwhelming interest from all over the world. In a short time, over 1000 people and companies have contacted us to buy a drone for facade and window cleaning.

We see that an uncontrolled release of drones in the market could push prices low down, and thus could destroy the market even before it has started. Therefore, we want a controlled roll-out of drones for drone cleaning, to avoid unwanted price slips.

As a consequence of this, only companies with a franchise agreement will be allowed to buy and use KTV Working Drone. This means that it will not be possible to buy the drone individually without a franchise / license agreement.

The estimated need for drone cleaning services is approximately 2,500,000 drones internationally.

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